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(720) 427-8221 

Greetings! I am Bryan Doniger -- The Logic Guy of NYC

I'm a seasoned LSAT tutor, with over 8 years of tutoring experience. I've exclusively taught the LSAT for the past 3 years. Nothing makes me happier than watching my students gain confidence and skill as they learn how to ace this challenging yet ~very learnable~ exam.

I scored a 175 on the LSAT, and many of my students have surpassed me and scored even higher! Over the past two years, every client who's worked with me for at least two months has gained ten points or more. A third of my clients in that period started scoring in the 170+ range during our time together. 

You can use this website to contact me, view my bio, or read testimonials from past LSAT students. 

I can teach anything to anyone. The LSAT especially. 

Let me prove it to you today! 

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